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Preventive Dentistry

One-third of American adults don’t even see a dentist once a year, so their problems build up until a lot of damage has to be repaired (periodontal or gum disease is painless even in advanced stages). Preventive dentistry can help you avoid the pain and expense of having to restore good oral health. Gables Perfect Smile would prefer to see patients for semi-annual oral health check-ups. Ideally, everyone should adequately brush and floss to keep both teeth and gums in perfect health. Our experienced hygienists will teach patients the correct brushing and flossing techniques to prevent cavities and gum diseases. Everyone needs to have professional teeth cleaning at least three times a year to prevent periodontal gum disease, which can cause teeth to fall out and raise your risk for diabetes, heart disease, or some cancers. Our highly-trained hygienists can provide regular cleaning using specialized hand tools and the Piezoelectric device to remove the plaque (the hardened film left by food and drink) while minimizing damage to the teeth structure. If there is gum disease, the hygienists will need to do a painless deep cleaning.


Emergency Dentistry

At Gables Perfect Smile we offer Emergency Dentistry Appointments , Dr.Ospina  will be alerted by the after-hours medical exchange if you call her regular office number: 305.443.8225 .You can take over-the-counter pain medication while waiting for an emergency appointment with Gables Perfect Smile or We may call in a prescription for something stronger plus antibiotics if needed, depending on the situation. Any dental condition that causes major pain or discomfort, severely impacts your ability to eat or speak, or otherwise requires immediate attention should be best treated by going to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Many emergencies can be avoided with good preventive care, so be sure to have regular check-ups and get advice on how best to maintain your oral health. Call Gables Perfect Smile for a comprehensive exam during regular office hours.

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Tooth Extractions

Gables Perfect Smile knows that many people connect the word “extraction” to pain and hesitates on seeing the dentist to get proper treatments. However, today with all the advances in ways to alleviate pain, even tooth extractions can be done gently. One of the most common extraction procedures is wisdom teeth removal, they usually appear between the age of 17 and 25, after all the others. Resulting in problems such as over crowding of teeth, improper chewing, or misalignment. Having those teeth extracted are the routine solution and should be done sooner, rather than later, to avoid further problems. Other reasons for extraction could be a severely infected, broken or damaged tooth that cannot be repair with other treatments. In some cases of any tooth extraction, it may be necessary to also do a bone graft to add bone that is necessary for supporting the neighboring tooth. Gables Perfect Smile expert team can give you a comprehensive exam to determine all your oral health needs.


Dental Fillings

Most old fillings were done by using amalgam, which consists of mercury mixed materials that can have a negative impact on health due to the presence of mercury. Experts say that old amalgam filling should be replaced with new composite resin fillings which are made of tooth-colored material. Gables Perfect Smile uses a new generation of an advanced composite. These are made of resins that are used to match your tooth color and can be shaped to look exactly like a natural tooth. That means that if a cavity occurs on front teeth or if they are chipped or broken, no one will notice when it has been repaired with composite material. Advantages of the new generation composites over other fillings:

- They are easy on the eyes since they match your natural teeth color and appearance.

-They don’t require as much of the tooth to be removed, therefore provide more support.

-They are not as temperature sensitive as others, which help prevent cracks and tooth fracture.

Set an appointment to have your current fillings examined and discuss your best options

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Smile Makeover

Gables Perfect Smile are experts in every area of the smile makeover and the transformation of your mouth so that you’re proud to show your smile to everyone! You can find more details about the integrated services for cosmetic dentistry we provide under these topics:

-Anti-Aging Dentistry: A young-looking face is very dependent on the lower-third of the face and we provide a number of ways to make sure you have the support you need.

-Crowns and Veneers: Porcelain crowns that can be matched to the color of your natural teeth can be placed over the biting surface where they have been ground down or damaged. Veneers are thin porcelain covers that can cover cracks or discoloration on the front of teeth.

-Dental Implants: These are replacements for individual or entire sets of teeth that are more permanent than dentures or bridges and function like real teeth. These are color-matched to your natural teeth or the color you desire and are the ideal way to keep you chewing and smiling with confidence.

-Dentures and Bridges: Great advances in dentures mean that you can replace lost teeth with secure dentures that allow you to chew with confidence and no one will know that you are wearing them. These can be fitted for long-term wear or be made removable. Bridges attach to adjacent teeth to replace one or two that are missing. Both are important to stabilize the jaw since gaps cause the other teeth to move and the bone underneath to deteriorate.

-Invisalign (Clear Braces): You no longer have to wear ugly metal braces with wires that traditional orthodontics required to straighten teeth. These transparent braces can also be removed for social occasions and take less time to give you a beautiful smile at any age!

-Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings: Unsightly silver or gray fillings that are made with potentially harmful mercury are no longer desirable. You can have them replaced with composite material that is the color of your teeth and safer.

-Zoom Whitening: Instead of fussing at home with over-the-counter whitening agents that take a long time to make your smile whiter, in one hour you can have as many as eight shades of discoloring taken off.


Make an appointment for an assessment of your cosmetic dentistry needs with Gables Perfect Smile Today.


Veneers and Crowns

Dr.Ospina can do miracles repairing teeth and improving smiles with porcelain crowns or veneers. It’s time you get that great smile you deserve so natural that no one will know you’ve had any work done.

Gables Perfect Smile uses porcelain crowns and veneers to give everyone a Hollywood smile. This has advantages over traditional cosmetic materials used by other dentists because it’s easy to match the color of your natural teeth and lasts many years. Porcelain also doesn’t cause an allergic reaction or permanent discoloration of the gums, as metal sometimes can. After a consultation, Dr.Ospina can recommend which option is best for you. While both options are similar in progress, there are certain factors that work differently for everyone. Crowns are placed over the bite surface of teeth that have been damaged, decayed or ground down, stabilizing them and matching adjacent teeth to provide your ideal bite. Veneers are thin protective covers placed on the front of teeth to mask gaps between teeth or to cover cracks and any discoloration. Gables Perfect Smile expert team work with the ceramic masters at the very best dental laboratories to craft porcelain crowns and veneers that are a comfortable, personalized fit and so realistic, no one will know that they aren’t your natural teeth. Set an appointment for a comprehensive exam to provide you with the details of a smile makeover that will give you new confidence in your career and relationships.




Invisalign is the modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of clear aligners created just for you. Dr.Ospina is certified to provide this quick and comfortable way to a brilliant smile. Traditional braces are not only unsightly and take longer to align your teeth (often two years or more), but can also be painful when tightened. With the sharp wires that may cause cuts, your diet is also restricted to avoid brackets, not to mention not being able to brush or floss properly. Invisalign uses nearly invisible plastic trays or aligners that can be easily removed when eating or cleaning. Dr. Ospina will take a customized mold of your mouth and provide you with sets of aligners to be changed every two weeks over the 12 to 18 month typical treatment period. About once a month you will return for a checkup on progress in gently pushing the teeth to the goal of your ideal smile and you will be given a new set of aligners. One of the little-recognized benefits of straightening crooked or crowded teeth is that this reduces the chance of food particles being trapped at the gum line, which causes gum disease that can lead to the loss of teeth or even part of the jawbone.

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Dental Implants

Dental implant is the new way to improve the appearance (and other functions) of your teeth due to tooth loss. Most people don’t realize that having a single missing tooth is dangerous. If not replaced, the adjacent teeth will begin to change their position to fill the gap, which causes other teeth to shift and the bite to become severely misaligned. Bone underneath where the teeth used to be will also be lost and might require an expensive bone graft to stabilize the jaw. The Highly-rated Gables Perfect Smile Experts have been trained to provide sophisticated, natural-looking dental implants as replacements for teeth that have either fallen out or need to be removed. These are more permanent than a denture or dental bridge. Dental implants look and function like your natural teeth. Thanks to recent advances, implants are the perfect solution. A pain-free process places a titanium post where the missing tooth’s root was and over several months this will integrate with surrounding bone to act as a solid anchor.


Gum Surgery

Dr.Ospina and her team can improve dental health and improve your smile with gentle and comfortable gum surgery. Often, periodontal or gum disease has advanced so far that having the hygienist scrape off the hardened plaque or doing deep cleaning is not enough and gum surgery will be necessary. If not stopped, the gums become detached from the teeth which will result in tooth loss. The bacteria of periodontal disease can also significantly raise the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.  We will make this process as pain-free as possible for our patients with local anesthetics. Our periodontist can also perform Osseo surgery in cases where the infection of the gums has extended into the jawbone and needs to be cleaned out. If the damage is extensive or gum disease has eaten away too much of the bone, a bone graft can be placed, which will integrate with the jaw and provide support for natural teeth or dental implants.


Dr.Ospina may also provide periodontal gum surgery for a smile line correction, one part of a smile makeover to make your smile more attractive:

  • Receding gums: This popular procedure helps the gum grow back to its proper level with gum grafting so your teeth will not appear too long. 

  • Gummy smile: In the opposite case, you may have gums that are naturally excessive or teeth that are short or have eroded, resulting in a “gummy smile.” The gums can be trimmed back to their ideal ratio to the teeth.

  • Crown lengthening: This procedure is needed when there is not enough of the tooth structure available to place a natural-looking artificial crown after the cleaning process, crown lengthening removes a small amount of gum to attach the new crown that will give your smile the proper proportion.


Set an appointment for a comprehensive exam to determine what your dental health and smile makeover needs